2007 - five room trailer plus bathrooms

This Honeywagon has five dressing rooms, each with a toilet, sink mirror, dressing table, couch, CD player and sliding window.
Two of the dressing rooms convert into a double room. This Honeywagon is equipped with a portable generator,
hot water heater, outside lighting, central air and heating, and rear crew bathrooms. It is pulled by a Ford F350 crew cab truck.



Honey Wagon -8 Room:

8 dressing rooms with attached restrooms and two crew restrooms pulled by a 400 horsepower Freightliner truck. The Freightliner truck breaks in the middle to pull the trailer. Each room is equipped with a private restroom and individual heating and air units. The crew men and womenís restrooms are located at the end of the trailer. The menís restroom consists of Two toilets and one urinal. The womenís restroom consists of Two toilets. The trailer will hold 400 gallons of black water and 300 gallons of fresh clean water; dumping is required every four to five days with a crew of 60. The trailer is powered by a 60k , John Deere generator. With Base camp capabilities and base camp package Available.

$1,600.00 / 5 day wk on Shore power

$1,950.00 / 5 day wk with working Generator

$2,200.00 / 5 day wk with Base camp package

Driver-production payroll $350.00 /12 hrs/5 days-6th day $525.00/12-non-union