Papa John Johns/Taylor Production was started in 1994 in Las Vegas.  We provide a service to the surrounding area for rental of Honeywagons, Motor Homes, production crew, production medics, craft service, catering, hair/makeup, wardrobe, grip/lighting, etc., 15 passenger vans, cube trucks, trailers, radios, and more.  This equipment is also available in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska and will be transported to other locations if you wish.

We can work within any budget to get you qualified equipment and personnel to help make your next production the best it can be.

Some of our satisfied clients are Reebok, Main Street Station, Visa, Lucent Technologies, Miller Genuine Draft Beer, Frontier Hotel & Casino, GQ, Swatch, Tool of North America, Radical Media and many motion pictures that include Mars Attacks, Independence Day, Casino, Con Air, and more, just to name a few.

We have equipment set up to go into the out locations, without tearing up the equipment, causing your insurance to pay high prices for repairs.  Our drivers and personnel contract directly with us so that you don't have to be bothered with payroll taxes and multiple accounts, or we also have Teamster drivers that can go on your payroll at Teamster scale, and are willing to travel to other locations to work.  Our drivers are familiar with most remote locations and experienced in off road driving techniques.

We accept credit cards for your convenience.

Thanks for your interest and your time.